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Tucson Foodie

Tucson Foodie is a community-backed media and events organisation, dedicated to helping locals and visitors discover, support and experience Arizona's deep-rooted and fast-growing culinary scene.

Through curated guides, breaking news, long-form storytelling, membership clubs, events, festivals and experiences, their mission is to highlight the diverse food and beverage offerings in their region.
Tucson Foodie, Arizona USA

- Website Build
- Web Development
- Creative Assistance
- Digital Asset Creation

The Project

In collaboration with a digital agency based out of Arizona USA, we were thrilled to undertake the opportunity to build and develop this mammoth website project.

Tucson Foodie, one of their largest clients in terms of web traffic and site volume with north of 12K blog posts and 8K images, required a new digital solution to further enhance their brand reputation and increase user engagement.

The build and development would see them migrated to the latest web technologies, and add much needed tools for managing their daily updated website content for their subscribers.

The Design

On receipt of the initial design it was obvious that the user interface was designed to be intentionally simple for a clean user experience. However, as we carefully examined the many layouts and components in the design, we ascertained this would not be a simple project to build and develop.
Over several meetings with the US based creative team, we detailed and planned the more technical aspects of the design that would be required for the function of the components, giving them a deep understanding of their goals and how we would deliver this project for them.

Build and Development

With the final XD design and technical plan mapped out, we started by building and developing the navigation system, creating a fully responsive layout that would acommodate all viewports. The interactivity and functionality would use a JavaScript framework to handle user interactions, and in particular for the function of the mobile menu system.

The global footer was built with css grid to ensure uniformity across all responsive states, while giving us enhanced control over the span and order of elements for the mobile device viewport.

Once these elements were as complete as possible at this stage, we moved onto the main structure and core framework of the site that would see us use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) extensively alongside custom PHP, with applied styles and visual elements created with SCSS

During development we used test sample data that would eventually be replaced by a huge database migration, to create multiple components that would be powered by these dynamic data points.

The Desktop Experience

Throughout the development process, we regularly tested the website to ensure it functioned correctly across different browsers and devices. We diligently debugged issues that arose and made necessary adjustments to provide a consistent and optimal user experience.

The Result

Year-over-year comparison (2021 vs 2022)

- 500% increase in campaign clicks
- 20% improvement in impressions
- Increase in organic post engagement (Instagram and Facebook)
- Addition of TikTok

New audience performance

Student and younger audiences’ positive response to this campaign showed promise enough for UATL to agree to more student-forward campaigns in 2023.

The Result

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