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Web Development

Here are some frequently asked questions related to web development.

I need a website or store but where do I start?

First of all, we'll need to arrange a discovery call so we can talk about your project. This can be arranged using the online scheduler on our contact page, by sending us a text message to call you, or by sending us details of your project using our enquiry form.

In our meeting we'll discuss website design and web development and everything that is involved with it. We can also discuss any other services you may like from us, from brand design through to creative design services, digital strategy and social.

We only want to provide you with what your business needs, so we always prefer a friendly and productive chat to learn about your business. From this we can develop and design your project to fully match your business and help you to achieve your goals.

Do I really need a website and will it help my business?

The short answer is YES! An online shop or website is your showcase to the world that has the potential to reach millions of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

And with smartphones and mobiles alone accounting for 53% of all internet web traffic and 63% of all online purchases, a website can reach more potential customers than you would imagine, maximising your marketing and ROI (return on investment).

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites adjust their layout based on the size of the screen the user is viewing the website on, also know as a viewport. This makes viewing websites on smaller screens easier to use and navigate. Text on the page is adjusted for legibility, and buttons are made larger making them easier to press.

Reponsive development can also be used for other techniques e.g. hiding and showing different content, and altering the appearance of the pages.

How long does a website take to complete?

It depends on a number of factors.

Small scale websites can take a few weeks to turnaround, with larger websites and online shops taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We'll discuss deadline details with you in our discovery call, but do note that the more information we have at the start of any project, the quicker the turnaround time will be.

How much does an online shop or website cost?

This depends on the type, size and complexity of the project

We try to be as competitive as we can whilst providing you with the best service possible, but as you can imagine every website is unique by design, its function and its content, making it impossible to have one set price.

We'll also need to talk about a digital marketing and advertising strategy to drive your ideal customers to your site, as well as accompanying services including web hosting, web management and website care plans.

After our discovery call, where we'll determine your needs, functions and goals, we'll be able to quote you with costs for your specific project

At Fuel Creative, we cost every website and online shop individually due to their unique nature, but we do offer a transparent pricing promise when we quote, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises ever.

Will you provide hosting for my site?

We can provide hosting from £20 per month using high performance web servers, with 99.9% of guaranteed uptime. You can use your own hosting if you choose, but there may be additional costs to administer a third party hosting services.

Can you create me a domain name?

We can research and acquire domain name(s) of your choosing subject to their availability and registration and/or transfer fees.

Do you offer Website Care Plans?

We have a range of website care plans to ensure your online shop or website is regularly updated and optimised to perform at its very best.

Will you maintain my website and update it when needed?


Maintenance varies depending on the type of website you have and the elements involved. For instance, an online shop has more components to it than a one page website, so this type of website will cost more to maintain.

Updates are usually performed by us, with customers emailing their content amends and images they would like changing. As web developers, we can perform these changes quickly, and it also gives us the oportunity to optimise images so they don't slow your website down and content for better SEO.

Unless a website care plan is in place, we make site changes at the cost of £45 per hour. Website changes can take us as little as 20 minutes, depending on the changes required. In these instances, we'll keep a track of the time used, and invoice customers monthly.

Alternatively, we can provide a secure user login to the back-end of an online shop or website, allowing customers to make their own changes. Prices range from an additional £500-£1000+ depending on the scale of the website, and the amount of areas the customer would like to edit.

Can you build bespoke web systems?

As web developers, we are experts in a wide range of code and script languages. This allows us to build great performing websites, and custom based web systems built to perform specific tasks to accompany your business.

I need my website quickly, can you help?

It will depend on our work schedule and the size of your project, but we will always try our best to fit you in and complete your project as soon as possible.

I have been quoted a cheaper price, can you match it?

We always do our best to quote the fairest price possible on every project, however we will never claim to be the cheapest as we feel our high quality, attention to detail and track record speaks volumes.

We can review your quote and see if there is anything we can do, but it's highly likely that you may not have been quoted properly; and on everything that you actually need to be succesful online e.g. digital marketing and advertising. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Website Care Plans

Here are some frequently asked questions related to web care plans.

Why do I need a Website Care Plan?

Websites run using a number of essential parts to work efficiently and correctly. Without regular maintenance, problems can occur resulting in unexpected bills. These problems could potentially disable your website completely, resulting in loss of sales or enquiries.

To ensure disaster doesn't strike we offer comprehensive Website Care Plans that include all of the essential services needed to ensure your site remains running efficiently, fast and secure at all times.

Over the years we have maintained plenty of websites ranging from one page sites, multi page sites, to large e-commerce solutions and online shops. Granting us with the knowledge and experience needed to ensure your website or online shop performs at its very best.

What are Plugins, Themes and Core Functions, and why do they need updating?

Plugins, Themes and Core Functions are similar to the individual parts of machine, like an engine for example, and in the same way, these parts work together to create the framework and functionalities of a website or online shop and also their visual style.

Each of these vital components receive periodical updates from their individual creators, who add necessary patches to address any issues they've uncovered, and also to add any new features and enhancements.

First and foremost, these updates need to be tested with your site to ensure they are compatible and don't break anything. If these parts are not regularly updated to their latest version, you can often find the current versions will start failing, resulting in site break downs.

It's vital that Plugins, Themes and Core Functions are checked regularly, and updated when necessary, to ensure the continued performance and functionality of the site.

What benefits do I get over just coming to you when ever I need?

The Website Care Plans have been developed for two purposes – to reduce the possible event of your website encountering problems and breaking down, resulting in down time, potential loss of data, sales and enquiries - and also to save you from potential costly repairs, that would be charged at our normal rate of £45 per hour.

What does the 'site amends' time include?

The site amends time detailed in the Website Care Plan can be used for anything related to your website or overall marketing. These services can include website updates to imagery, text edits or blogs, graphic design, search engine optimisation, social media services and Google marketing.

The site amends time also includes general website and marketing questions, consultancy and any research that you may require. Additionally for online shops, this time can be used to add more products and line items if you don't want to add them yourself.

Are there examples of things that can go wrong if I don’t have a Website Care Plan?

Hacked Website – The code behind your site can be vulnerable. Without the correct updates to protect them, they can become open to hackers. A comprimised website means your entire online business can be taken down in an instant, and personal data could be stolen. This would not only be a security risk to both you and your customers, but can also result in a loss of revenue and be costly to fix.

Broken Core Functions – Website code, plugins and themes that are not updated regularly can become vulnerable to hackers. These growing file inconsistencies and potential code conflicts can break at any given moment, leaving key functionalities within your website to crash and stop working.

Malware Attack – Without regular updates to their latest versions, website code, plugins and themes can develop security flaws making them susceptible to Malware that is constantly scanning the internet. This could leave your website open to Malware attacks, which if infected can harm your website, your company, your reputation and even your customers data. Malware infections are known to takeover core systems, disabling your website in the process while slashing your SEO rankings and brand trust. Search engines will also remove your website from their database if they find Malware within your site. This can be time consuming and costly to remove, and can take quite some time to re-establish your search rankings and brand trust.

Old Backup – In the event that something goes wrong, a full back up of the website’s files and database may need to be reinstated. Without regular site backups you run the risk of an old backup being uploaded, which could be missing the most recent data, page creations, content changes, product uploads and customer sales records.

SEO Rank Loss – Search engines such as Google, rank websites by a number a factors, with a key area including how properly maintained your website is from month-to-month. Google scans sites and can see which updates have been applied affecting your overall SEO score. On the occasions of malware attacks and hacking, you often find that search engines will remove your site completely from its search results.

Sales and Enquiries Loss – Without regular checks and updates your website could be disabled and affected in a large number of ways which can stop key functions on your site from working. Layouts can break and security warnings can display in browser windows if search engines view your site as unsafe. All of these can adversely affect the user experience that will put off site visitors from purchasing products or making enquiries.

When would you complete the care plan tasks on my site?

Your Website Care Plan services will be scheduled for a dedicated date each month, that usually corresponds closely to the date the plan is confirmed and setup. If you have a particular date or day you would prefer the work to be completed on however, then please tell us so we can accommodate you.

Will you tell me each month what work has been done?

Due to the large amount of sites we support each month we do not provide written reports to each client as standard. On request we are more than happy to provide an email report on how the updates and checks go each month, letting you know what has been done and which themes, plugins and CMS Core Functions were updated.

My website was built by someone else, can you still maintain it?

Yes. A percentage of the websites that we currently maintain were not originally built by us.

However, before we start your Website Care Plan, we would need to carry out a full site audit to assess how the site in question was built, the plugins and/or themes that are used, and its overall health and more. This site audit is carried out free of charge by our experts.

How do I get billed for my Website Care Plan?

As standard we setup a Direct Debit to take monthly payments, where you will receive a receipt after each payment is made for your records. You can also choose to pay for a year's cover in advance.

If you would prefer not to pay by automatic Direct Debit or annually, we can invoice you each month. Please note that maintenance services will be stopped if payments are not made or unreasonably delayed.

Website Care Plans can be cancelled at any time, with just 30 days of notice required.

Details on completed services each month

Core Updates
Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Wordpress are the core mechanism of your website. This integral system is the engine that makes everything function properly, and just like an engine it needs to be maintained to keep it from developing problems. We'll check for updates and install them, giving you the peace-of-mind that your website is safe, secure and functioning at its best.

Theme Updates
If your website is built using a theme that has been created by a third party, or as part of package for instance, and the latest updates aren’t installed, the site can become compromised. Leaving it open to hackers and potentially causing it to crash altogether. To keep themes updated and looking the way they should, we'll monitor, install and test these updates when you take out one of our website care plans.

Plugin Updates
Plugins affect the functionality of the website; essentially, what it can do. If the latest updates aren’t installed, the site can become compromised leaving it open to hackers, and potentially causing it to crash altogether. To keep plugins updated and running the way they should, we'll monitor, install and test these updates when you take out one of our website care plans.

SSL Renewal
With an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) your website address will show a padlock and use ‘https’ instead of ‘http’; reassuring your customers that your website is safe. Without this, Google will advise your customers that your site is ‘unsecure’, your SEO ranking will go down and your brand recognition will suffer. We'll install and renew SSL certificates for you and make sure it’s working correctly.

Form Testing
CAPTCHA is a type of challenge–response test used in computing to determine whether the user is a robot or a human. RECAPTCHA is from Google while HCAPTCHA is a relatively new paid service. Their purpose is to make sure that you are not inundated with spam emails from your website’s contact form. We test this regularly to ensure the form is working correctly and that no spam is getting through to you.

Site Cache Flush
When a customer visits your website, their internet browser is served with a cached version of the site, so that it can load faster in subsequent visits. After any core updates, site amends or routine maintenance to the website, we will clear the cache entirely with a full site cache flush, so that visitors to your website always get the latest, most up-to-date version of your website and it's content.

Website Backup
We all hope it won’t happen to us, but hackers and viruses can take down a website instantly. Whilst our server makes regular backups of all of our websites, on the rare occasion an issue can arise and the backup can fail. This care plan feature will give you peace-of-mind, as we'll perform a monthly or weekly full manual site and database backup for you. So, should the unthinkable occur, we will always be able to restore your website to its latest version, quickly and with minimal interruption to you and your customers.

Malware Scan
It’s crucial that your website is kept up-to-date, otherwise, your security level and functionality will be compromised. Malware searches the internet looking for vulnerabilities in websites, and can easily attack those that are not up-to-date. If you’re on a care plan with us, you can rest assured we’re doing everything possible to avoid malware attacks; however, on the off chance one occurs, its removal will be covered by your care plan. Without a care plan, our typical Malware removal process can be £750+ each time.

Google Webmaster
It’s common knowledge that Google is a search engine, but what many people don’t know is that Google constantly checks all sites on the internet for issues – viruses, malware, page updates, SEO, etc. If any of these issues are left unaddressed, your website and its visitors will begin to experience problems. We'll create a Google profile to manually check everything is running smoothly, giving you peace-of-mind and leaving you to focus on what you do best - running your business.

Checkout Testing
If you have a online shop that takes payment transactions, you know this needs to be a fully secure and smooth process for your customers. The software that handles your card payments will occasionally require updates to ensure it’s performing its best. We will install these updates and test them thoroughly by placing an order from start to finish, so you can rest assured you’re not missing out on any sales.

Out-of-hours Support
We know you need to focus on your customers, and with our Platinum care plan you can rest assured that you’ll receive all the support you need, at any time day or night.

24 Hour Priority
We know you need to focus on your customers, and with our Platinum care plan you can rest assured that you’ll receive all the support you need, at any time day or night.

Website Hosting

Here are some frequently asked questions related to web hosting.

How to use a different website Host

At Fuel Creative, we understand that choice is paramount, including your website hosting.
If you prefer to stay with your current host instead of transferring to us, or want to use an alternative host instead of our website hosting, we can still work with you on your website design and development.

Let us know when you make your enquiry, and we'll be more than happy to chat about your hosting when we talk about your website design and web development.

Did we mention that all of our web services are cloud based and powered by green sustainable sources!

Website Hosting

Whether it’s a single page website you need to host, or a full e-commerce solution in the form of an online shop, our website hosting can handle enormous amounts of site data and visitor flow, providing you with confidence in your online presence or retail empire.

Website Hosting Essential
2GB File Storage (1)
2 MySql Databases
Secure Cloud Backups
Secure FTP Access
SSL Certificate
Domain Redirects
Visitor Metrics

Website Hosting Plus
Everything in Essential but with:
5GB File Storage (2)
3 MySql Databases

Website Hosting Ultra (Required for online shops)
Everything in Plus but with:
10GB File Storage (2)
5 MySql Databases

General Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to general topics.

Email Services

Gmail and Google Workspace Email Services

At Fuel Creative, we do not provide email services as standard, instead opting to let our customers use their preferred choice of email service provider.
These can include the very popular Gmail and Google Workspace, or one of the many alternative email service providers that are available today.

We can (and do) perform full set-ups and configurations of both Gmail and Google Workspace accounts, to ensure they are properly integrated with their respective customer websites or online shops. Alternatively, you can arrange your own email service provision, and let us have the necessary details so that we can integrate your email service with your website hosting.

How to use a different website Host

At Fuel Creative, we understand that choice is paramount, including your website hosting.
If you prefer to stay with your current host instead of transferring to us, or want to use an alternative host instead of our website hosting, we can still work with you on your website design and development.

Let us know when you make your enquiry, and we'll be more than happy to chat about your hosting when we talk about your website design and web development.

Did we mention that all of our web services are cloud based and powered by green sustainable sources!