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At Fuel Creative, we periodically tender for new business with a supportive and all encompassing visual campaign. What follows are the creative visuals used for such a campaign.

This particular brand design was for a city property developer looking to diversify their portfolio, through creating open plan working environments to attract solopreneurs and companies with reasonable costs whilst offering collaborative opportunities.
The brand logo design was created from the idea of a section of space in an office, a cubicle for instance, that we opened up, expanding the form that becomes the 'C' in the design. The addition of the 'O' was purposefully twofold; to represent a single person while placing it in such a postition to give us the sense of chemistry that we wanted to portray.
The use of bright, contrasting colours were carefully choosen to ensure they would blend together perfectly as gradients. The brand logo is then used as a graphical element to create space.
The exploration of typograpy styles was of paramount importance – to be dynamic and fresh at every turn, while reinforcing the use of the collaborative element that is Co.
Further exploration was carried out into how the brand design would work in other forms. This was done through the creation of a website homepage, coffee cups that you may find in a shared space, roadside signage that encapsulates the idea of inner city parking, and a social media profile.

Hybrid designers and web developers

We design brands that grab attention while expressing their distinct business personality. We develop brands into digital and print, social, marketing, advertising and most importantly, customer driven website design.
Everything working together in pixel perfect harmony.
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