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Website care plans
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Brand design and web development
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Website design and build.
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UX design, website and graphic design.
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Customer driven

Web Development

A website must personify the style or brand design it's representing, so visitors know they have arrived at the right place.

Just as important, it must be built responsively and function properly across the many platforms and devices available today, and in particular on smartphones.

If a website doesn't work properly, visitors will become frustrated and leave to find the nearest competitor, erasing the opportunity to convert those website visitors into potential customers and valuable reviews.

Web development, not just web design

At Fuel Creative, we know that people demand slick, gorgeous websites, and to find the information or product they want fast. We also understand that websites are more than just their visual appeal.

Web Development is a combination of market discovery and research, digital strategy, UX design, UI design, responsive development, clean unbloated code, content and SEO – these being just a few elements that are the foundation for online success.

Why you need responsive, mobile first

Website Design

Web Develpment - Shop interface
Web Develpment - Mobile first

Smartphones account for 53% of all internet web traffic and 63% of all online purchases.

At Fuel Creative, we purposefully design and develop our online shops and websites to be mobile first, ensuring every customer website benefits from this large and expanding market share.

With our extensive knowledge of building customer driven websites and online shops, we never overlook larger screen web design either. In fact, all Fuel Creative websites are designed fully responsive, so they look pixel perfect on every screen size.
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If you build the right website and send the right people to it you'll succeed. But you can't just use anyone – you have to use the right one. That's us.

Building for online success

How we do it

Website Design & Development

We create clean, responsive websites that are built right and built to perform.

Imagine being able to interact effortlessly with a stream of online enquiries or ready-to-buy visitors 24/7. That's precisely the type of website or online shop that we'll build for your business.
Website Strategy
UX Design
UI Design
Professional Copywriting
Responsive Development
Content Optimisation
Site Performance
Mobile Usability
Website Management
Website Design & Web Develpment
Digital Marketing & Advertising
Web Develpment - Social
Digital Marketing & Advertising

We drive your ideal customers to your responsive website.

Now imagine an endless stream of ideal customers sent through it via search and social. That's precisely the type of digital funnel that we'll build for your business, with measured performance and optimisation for maximum results over time.
Digital Advertising Strategy
White-Hat SEO
Digital PR
Google Ads
Social Marketing
Alternate Search Engine SEO
Google Web Tools
Google My Business
Managed Campaigns
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What about fashionable

Online builders?

TV-advertised web builders offer cheap and tantalising ways to put websites or shops online.

What they forget to mention is they only offer cookie cutter websites, and a building experience that can be wildly frustrating, with limited support when you need it the most. Aaaargh, fuming!

If you really, really want to use a fashionable web builder, then get us to build it right for you. We can design and build using popular web builders, including: Divi, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Avada, SquareSpace and more.
We can be the difference maker to their success – as we can implement the same discovery, research and web development processes we use when creating our own clean and responsive websites. We can also optimise content and site performance as much as possible with these platforms, plan their management and care, and even roadmap their digital marketing and advertising.
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Frequent Questions

We are asked the most

The following are a few questions that we get asked about Website Design, Web Development and accompanying services. The answers will hopefully provide you with the information that you're looking for, but for any other questions that aren't answered here, please get in touch as we're here to help.

I need a website or online shop but where do I start?

First of all, we'll need to arrange a discovery call so we can talk about your project. This can be arranged using the online scheduler on our contact page, by sending us a text message to call you, or by sending us details of your project using our enquiry form.

In our meeting we'll discuss website design and web development and everything that is involved with it. We can also discuss any other services you may like from us, from brand design through to creative design services, digital strategy and social.

We only want to provide you with what your business needs, so we always prefer a friendly and productive chat to learn about your business. From this we can develop and design your project to fully match your business and help you to achieve your goals.

Do I really need a website and will it help my business?

The short answer is YES! An online shop or website is your showcase to the world that has the potential to reach millions of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

And with smartphones and mobiles alone accounting for 53% of all internet web traffic and 63% of all online purchases, a website can reach more potential customers than you would imagine, maximising your marketing and ROI (return on investment).

What is a responsive website?

Responsive websites adjust their layout based on the size of the screen the user is viewing the website on, also know as a viewport. This makes viewing websites on smaller screens easier to use and navigate. Text on the page is adjusted for legibility, and buttons are made larger making them easier to press.

Reponsive development can also be used for other techniques e.g. hiding and showing different content, and altering the appearance of the pages.

How long does a website take to complete?

It depends on a number of factors.

Small scale websites can take a few weeks to turnaround, with larger websites and online shops taking anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. We'll discuss deadline details with you in our discovery call, but do note that the more information we have at the start of any project, the quicker the turnaround time will be.

How much does an online shop or website cost?

This depends on the type, size and complexity of the project

We try to be as competitive as we can whilst providing you with the best service possible, but as you can imagine every website is unique by design, its function and its content, making it impossible to have one set price.

We'll also need to talk about a digital marketing and advertising strategy to drive your ideal customers to your site, as well as accompanying services including web hosting, web management and website care plans.

After our discovery call, where we'll determine your needs, functions and goals, we'll be able to quote you with costs for your specific project. In the meantime, the price guides below will give you an indication.

One Page Sites: £750 – £1250+
These types of website are a single page layout, with features such as large image (hero) sliders, services, about us, portfolio, galleries, FAQs, contact information and more. Plus optional extras such as enquiry forms and Google maps*.

One Page Parallax Sites: £750 – £1250+
Parallax is where the background content (i.e. image) moves at a different speed to the foreground content while scrolling. These website types are a single page layout using the parallax effect to help showcase the website information. These sites can also feature sections such as services, about us, portfolio, galleries, FAQs, contact information and more. Plus optional extras such as contact forms and Google maps*.

Multi Page Sites: £1250 – £2500+
These websites consist of multiple pages, allowing for individual areas such as a home page, about us page, galleries page, FAQ page, associates page, services pages and more. Plus optional extras such as contact forms and Google maps*.

Multi Page Page Parallax Sites £1250 – £2500+
These website types use the parallax effect to help showcase the website information and consist of multiple pages, allowing for individual areas such as a home page, about us page, galleries page, FAQ page, associates page, services pages and more. Plus optional extras such as contact forms and Google maps*.

Multi Page Sites: (large development projects) – £2500+
These websites consist of multiple pages, layouts and page styles, allowing for individual pages and areas as mentioned above, but with these sites having more advanced features, graphics, text, information and user interactions that may be more suitable for your website requirements.

Web Builder E-commerce: £1250 – £3500+
These websites are for selling physical or digital products online. Built upon a template like Avada with a specifically chosen style that's edited to match the business, or using an online web builder such as shopify or squarespace etc.

Full custom Online Shops and E-commerce: £3000 – £5000+
These websites are for selling physical or digital products online. Built from the ground up with Wordpress and Woocommerce to express the distinct personality and brand design of your business perfectly.

At Fuel Creative, we cost every website and online shop individually due to their unique nature, but we do offer a transparent pricing promise when we quote, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises ever.
*Google Maps require a credit or debit card to be registered with them to use their Map API.

Will you provide hosting for my site?

We can provide hosting from £20 per month using our own carbon neutral powered, high performance web servers, with 99.9% of guaranteed uptime. You can use your own hosting if you choose, but there may be additional costs to administer a third party hosting services.

Can you create me a domain name?

We can research and acquire domain name(s) of your choosing subject to their availability and registration and/or transfer fees.

Do you offer Website Care Plans?

We have a range of website care plans to ensure your online shop or website is regularly updated and optimised to perform at its very best.

Will you maintain my website and update it when needed?


Maintenance varies depending on the type of website you have and the elements involved. For instance, an online shop has more components to it than a one page website, so this type of website will cost more to maintain.

Updates are usually performed by us, with customers emailing their content amends and images they would like changing. As web developers, we can perform these changes quickly, and it also gives us the oportunity to optimise images so they don't slow your website down and content for better SEO.

Unless a website care plan is in place, we make site changes at the cost of £45 per hour. Website changes can take us as little as 20 minutes, depending on the changes required. In these instances, we'll keep a track of the time used, and invoice customers monthly.

Alternatively, we can provide a secure user login to the back-end of an online shop or website, allowing customers to make their own changes. Prices range from an additional £500-£1000+ depending on the scale of the website, and the amount of areas the customer would like to edit.

Can you build bespoke web systems?

As web developers, we are experts in a wide range of code and script languages. This allows us to build great performing websites, and custom based web systems built to perform specific tasks to accompany your business.

I need my website quickly, can you help?

It will depend on our work schedule and the size of your project, but we will always try our best to fit you in and complete your project as soon as possible.

I have been quoted a cheaper price, can you match it?

We always do our best to quote the fairest price possible on every project, however we will never claim to be the cheapest as we feel our high quality, attention to detail and track record speaks volumes.

We can review your quote and see if there is anything we can do, but it's highly likely that you may not have been quoted properly; and on everything that you actually need to be succesful online e.g. digital marketing and advertising. Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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