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Brand Design and Web Development


As designers, we take inspiration from everywhere, but in particular the personal when creating distinct brand designs. This brand design was no different. The company provides central heating systems, and with the combination of their initial plus a unit of heat known as a therm, the provenance for the naming design was established.

By design, the word 'therm' was also the perfect choice as as the letters within also represent the business service categories of heating, electrical, renewable and maintenance.
For the logo mark, we created a graphical C from the basic shape of the letter, using lines that represent increments in a thermometer. To clarify the final mark we utilised the endstops (min/max) of a dial.
Our choice of colour was about finding the right tones to represent the services, so that they could be used separately or combined to create harmonious gradients. This process in itself created a graphical element that became intrinsic in the brand design.
Iconography was designed to play a huge role for the brand, as this would  help customers instantly recognise the subject matter. It was also designed to be the core driver of the web questionnaire that customers would use.

Through a series of questions and answers this would determine the type of heating boiler they would require in a curated list, with the opportunity to add extra options and services prior to order placement.
When creating the suite of icons, we purposefully designed a chat icon to represent contact through conversation or messaging. Using a distinctive strapline, we created a universal lock up for the contact information block.
Our next and important step was to roll out the brand design to a variety of  daily forms that you might expect from this type of company, including vehicle livery, document folders and marketing materials.

Web Development

Bringing the brand design elements together in a unified web experience was paramount in the web development part of this project. The UX design was built with complete usability in mind, to give customers the best experience and the utmost confidence across the whole website.
The UX design of the website was created mobile first, with the navigation in particular built with an integrated call button. But at the core of the website design is the QA system that was constructed to evaluate the heating system requirements of the customer.

Through a series of straightforward and graphically driven questions, the customer would arrive at curated results. Making their choice being the submission of this simple yet effective lead generation tool.
NOTICE: This intellectual property (IP), its brand and all the associated design works, including the web design and the domain name are for sale.

If you would like to see the site working in all it's glory, please contact us for access and login details to the website demo area.

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